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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Philosophy, Science and the Sciences


The program centers on the writing of a doctoral dissertation (in English or German). The language of instruction is English. The program involves research courses, reading groups, tutorial supervision, international workshops, graduate conferences, and intensive short courses. Every candidate is supervised by a team of academic instructors. The program is strongly international. Most students will spend some time at a university abroad.

Three-year doctoral program

For the doctoral program, the standard study period is six semesters encompassing 180 credits. The doctoral thesis counts as 150 credit points, 30 credit points are earned by attending colloquia, research seminars, reading groups, workshops and conferences, as well as transferable skills courses.

Students in the program go through the curriculum of the doctoral program Ancient Philosophy and History of Ancient Science. This is one of the structured programs within the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS) and offers two distinct pathways, each of them with a specific research focus and curriculum: Ancient Philosophy focuses on philosophical topics, but includes the ancient sciences; History of Ancient Science focuses on the history of ancient scientific disciplines, but also takes account of their philosophical aspects.

Here are sample curricula for both, the Ancient Philosophy and the History of Ancient Science pathways. These curricula allows for the flexibility for each student to arrange their curriculum in such a way as to fit their particular research interests and individual needs.


Each student has at least two professors as supervisors, one of them may also be not a member of the Research Training Group’s faculty. The student, the team of supervisors, and the Research Training Group’s academic director reach a written agreement about how supervision and training of the student will proceed. This written agreement includes a workplan, and, if applicable, additional tasks and qualification measures that have been agreed upon between supervisor and student.