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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Philosophy, Science and the Sciences

Women in Ancient Philosophy

Women in Ancient Philosophy is a networking initiative launched by Ana Laura Edelhoff, a doctoral student at “Philosophy, Science and the Sciences”, and Bettina Bohle, a post-doctoral researcher at TOPOI. The aim of this initiative is to foster networking and equal opportunities for young female researchers, by organising conferences, workshops and guest lectures.

Women are underrepresented in academic philosophy – as in academia more generally. Women in Ancient Philosophy creates opportunities for female researchers to motivate and learn from one another.

In December 2014 the Ancient Philosophy Workshop for Female Graduate Students and Early Career Researchers took place at the Humboldt University in Berlin. The conference was a great success, providing a platform for outstanding young female philosophers working in ancient philosophy to present and discuss their research projects and to network. Papers were selected on a blind review basis. The speakers came from far afield (St. Andrews, Harvard, Princeton, among others) and there was a keynote address by Barbara Sattler.

In January 2015 we started a lecture series with Gisela Striker as our first guest speaker. A number of further guest lectures by international female philosophers in ancient philosophy are already scheduled. In addition, we are planning to organise workshops focusing on topics, such as career planning, job applications and work-life balance. There is also a regular meeting by the participants of the Women in Ancient Philosophy group.

Information about our current activities is distributed via a mailing list (send an e-mail to Ana Laura Edelhoff to subscribe).

Ideas and suggestions are welcome. Please contact Ana Laura Edelhoff or Bettina Bohle.

Photo: Marsyas