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David Ebrey

Former Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter of the Research Training Group

David Ebrey (Ph.D. UCLA, 2007) works on ancient Greek philosophy, primarily on Plato and Aristotle. He has published on Socratic inquiry, the value of knowledge in Plato, Platonic forms, matter in Aristotle's natural philosophy, and syllogisms in his logic. He is currently writing a book on Plato's Phaedo. He recently taught a freshman seminar on Homer and Plato, introduction to Medieval Philosophy, a course on Aristotle's De Anima, and a graduate seminar on the Phaedo. He has been awarded a Mellon Postdoc (2007-09), an Alice Kaplan Humanities Institute Fellowship (2011-12), a Spencer Foundation Grant (2012-13), and a Solmsen Fellowship (2016-17). In 2013 he was a visiting fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge.

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