Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Philosophy - Philosophy, Science and the Sciences

CO Philosphical Colloquium

Menn, Stephen

Mon. 13-16, HAN 6, 1.03

Topics in ancient philosophy. Intended for students specializing in ancient philosophy. We will read through some central texts, with presentations by students and visitors. The probable focus for WS 2012-13 is Alexander of Aphrodisias. We may look in particular (a) at his conflicts with Galen, on demonstrative method and on central physical concepts such as time and motion; (b) at neo-Platonic commentaries on Aristotle’s physical texts, which are measuring themselves against Alexander’s interpretations and often replying point-by-point to his commentaries, and which can be used to reconstruct his lost commentaries; (c) at the fragments of Alexander’s commentary on the Physics recently edited by Marwan Rashed. Some of the texts, particularly under (a), are extant only in Arabic translation, but no knowledge of Arabic language or philosophy will be presupposed. But we will hope to have some Arabists present. The colloquium might usefully be combined with the HS on theories of abstraction and the intellect from Alexander to Averroes. The language will normally be English.