Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Philosophy - Philosophy, Science and the Sciences

Philosophical Colloquium

Beere, Jonathan

Tue. 12.30-15.00, UL 6, 3103 (First session: April 10)

This time the colloquium will be reading group devoted to ancient mechanics. We will read the Mechanics traditionally attributed to Aristotle and Archmides’ On the Equilibrium of Planes. These texts display a mathematical physics that counters the widespread dogma according to which ancient (and especially Aristotelian) physics is free from quantitative methods. We will read the texts and give special attention to the relation between mathematics and physics as well as to the similarities and differences between the two texts. Hopefully, we will also take up the question of the authorship of the Aristotelian Mechanics.


Prospective participants should confer in advance with the leader of the colloquium. In order to enroll, mail to: