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Francesca Pedriali

Thesis: Aristotle’s Parts of Soul

In my doctoral project ‘Aristotle’s Parts of Soul’ I examine the notion of a part of soul and its relevance in the Aristotelian account of the soul. The aim of my project is to highlight the methodological relevance of the notion of a part in Aristotle’s scientific account of the soul and to justify the systematic use of this notion not only in De Anima, but also in the biological and zoological works of the Corpus Aristotelicum. The underlying idea is that the notion of part of soul plays a relevant role in the account of different types of soul because of the particular ontological structure that souls exhibit.



Francesca Pedriali studied Philosophy at the University of Bologna (Italy) where she specialized in Ancient Philosophy with a master’s thesis on Aspasius’ commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle. Having worked on Aspasius’ interpretation of the notions of pleasure and emotion in the Aristotelian ethic and on Alexander’s commentary on the Metaphysics, she is currently writing her doctoral thesis on the Aristotelian partition of the soul. The aim of her dissertation is to highlight the methodological relevance of the notion of part in the Aristotelian scientific account of the soul.