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Jacob Rosen


Academic Coordinator




My current research projects concern issues in Aristotle’s physics, metaphysics,


and logic.

One project, which builds on my dissertation, aims at clarifying the central concepts of his teleology. I do not seek an analysis or definition of these concepts, but try to elucidate them by mapping their inferential connections with other causal and explanatory notions.

A second project (in collaboration with Marko Malink at U Chicago) consists in the analysis and reconstruction of a distinctive pattern of modal argument employed widely throughout Aristotle’s works.

Finally, I am working on a systematic interpretation of Aristotle’s theory of continua—in particular changes, spatial magnitudes, and temporal intervals—as

presented in Physic books 5 and 6.

Samples of my work are available



I studied philosophy at Princeton University (PhD, 2008). After two years at NYU’s philosophy department as a Bersoff Assistant Professor / Faculty Fellow, I came to Berlin in the fall of 2008 to join the research group ‘Place, Space, and Motion’ in Excellence Cluster TOPOI. Since December 2011 I have been the Academic Coordinator in the Graduate Program in Ancient Philosophy.

My CV is available



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