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Rachel Barney


Professor of Classics and Philosophy, Canada Research Chair in Classical Philosophy



I did my undergraduate work at the University of Toronto, and a PhD at Princeton (1995). My work focusses on ancient ethics and philosophical method, and Plato in particular. I have written a book, Names and Nature in Plato's Cratylus; my articles deal with topics including the sophistic movement, Plato's accounts of desire, the good, and the fine; particular arguments in the Gorgias and Republic; Plato's use of ring-composition; Aristotle's criticisms of Plato's good; the function argument of NE I.7; Stoic accounts of value and deliberation; and the historical methods of Aristotle and Simplicius. Current projects include papers on Protagoras as philosopher, Gorgias' Helen, and moral motivation and the ancient concept of techne, as well as a book on Plato's early dialogues.


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