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Jennifer Whiting


Chancellor Jackman Professor of Philosophy



Jennifer Whiting was awarded the Konrad Adenauer Prize in 2007 and spent a year at HU.  She was accompanied by her student Marta Jimenez (now assistant professor at Emory) and returned with APSN student Jakub Krajczynski (who spent a year in Toronto); she likes to think these exchanges prepared the way for the network and is pleased that Toronto’s Alessandro Bonello will be its first official visitor.   Whiting’s other awards include fellowships at Stanford’s CASBS and Cornell’s Society for Humanities.  She has broad interests at the intersection of metaphysics, mind and ethics, both ancient and modern; with special interests in Aristotle (on whom she is writing for Blackwell’s Great Minds series) and personal identity (“The Lockeanism of Aristotle”, Philosophia Antiquorum, 2008; and “Personal Identity: the Non-branching Form of ‘What Matters’”, Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics).  She has co-edited (with Stephen Engstrom) Aristotle, Kant and the Stoics: Rethinking Happiness and Duty; and (with Richard Moran and Alan Sidelle) The Philosophy of Sydney Shoemaker (Philosophical Topics 1999).   She work increasingly on Plato (especially the Philebus) and has recently offered radical re-reading of his allegedly tripartite psychology (“Psychic Contingency in Plato” forthcoming in Barney, Brennan and Brittain eds., Plato on the Divided Self).


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